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Project Grad Ideas
Project Grad Ideas MANUAL
Project Grad Ideas   A How-To Manual

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Making Arrangements for Entertainers and Events

If a live band is hired for Project Grad, the entertainment committee should make sure that there is a written contract specifying that drugs and alcohol will not be used by members of the band. Also, it should be made clear to the band, or to the disc jockey if one is hired, that songs emphasizing drugs and alcohol may not be played. The contract should state that rules are to be followed or payment will not be made.

The entertainment committee is responsible for securing any items necessary for events during the night. They are also in charge of hiring any special assistants, such as lifeguards, or security guards. After all the plans and assignments have been made, the committee should have a brainstorming session regarding any extra items that might be needed. Such extras might include small tables, chairs, trash cans, bug spray, a first aid kit, masking tape, scissors, felt-tip markers, and extension cords.

Working with the Other Committees

It is especially important for the entertainment committee to work with the other committees. Some of the questions that will need answers are these:

  • Can the menu selected by the food committee be prepared and served at the facilities?
  • Do the owners of the facilities have rules (no nail holes in the walls or no tape on the ceiling) that should be made known to the decorating committee?

    Tips for the Entertainment Committee

  • Listed here are some suggestions from other entertainment committees around the county:

    Plan a schedule of activities that will last the whole night. When the initial excitement of one activity begins to wane, have another upbeat idea ready. Don't allow long pauses between activities.

  • While exciting activities will enhance Project Grad, be sure to plan some more relaxing activities, too. The senior class won't be able to go full-steam all night unless there is a balance.
  • Build a time capsule. Tell all the seniors to bring an item to place in the time capsule that will be opened at their 10th, 20th, or 25th reunion.
  • Place an ad on the bulletin board at the nearest college asking for artists who can serve as caricaturists. Be sure to interview applicants before hiring.
  • Have a group of seniors prepare a class history slide show for the party.
  • Provide a paper-covered wall for graffiti that will be displayed at class reunions.
  • Make a videotape of the party. This can be played back at the party's breakfast.
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