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Project Grad Ideas
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Project Grad Ideas
Project Grad Ideas MANUAL
Project Grad Ideas   A How-To Manual

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Prizes Committee

Most Project Grad parties include prizes that add to the suspense andexcitement of the evening. A list of prizes that have been offered at otherProject Grads is included with this packet.

The members of the prize committee for your Project Grad may find"Tips for Prize Committees" helpful.

Ticket Committee

The ticket committee's responsibilities include designing, printing, andselling the tickets; supplying ticket sellers with copies of a fact sheet forstudents who have questions about Project Grad; working with thecounselor's office to discreetly furnish free tickets to students unable toafford them; and providing lists containing students' names withcorresponding ticket numbers for chaperones in case any tickets are lost onthe night of the event.

When designing the Project Grad tickets, the ticket committee shouldwork closely with the leader of the prize committee. It may be desirable toinclude several "tear off" sections for special drawings, with spaces for thestudents to sign their names.

It's a good idea to keep the cost of the tickets as low as possible. Oneschool that hosts a Project Grad reports that five dollars is a goodprice. Hopefully, the rest of the money you'll need for the event will bedonated or earned through fundraisers organized by the finance/fundraisingcommittee. Many Project Grad parties are free to seniors.

Coatroom Committee

The job of the coatroom committee is to provide a secure place for studentsto store purses, coats, prized party favors, and other possessions. One ofthe easiest ways to do this is to number large grocery bags and havecorrespondingly numbered claim checks. The adult volunteers who agree towork on each shift should be given the bag numbers and students' names ona clip board in case someone loses his or her claim check.

If water activities are in the schedule for your Project Grad, thecoatroom committee should consider furnishing plastic bags to hold wetswim suits.

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