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Project Grad Ideas   A How-To Manual

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Tips for Prize Committees

The committee leader should make up a list of business establishments forall members of the committee who are going to be soliciting merchandise.The list should include the merchants' addresses and should allow space forany pertinent information. Each committee member's list should be nolonger than 15 to 20 merchants. Set a deadline for making contacts. Haveweekly meetings to obtain progress reports.

Work closely with the finance/fundraising, food, and decorating committeesso that you won't approach the same businesses for contributions.

Make sure that parents who are owners of local businesses are contacted incase they would like to donate prize items to Project Grad. A form forsuch donations should be included in the initial letter to parents (see the"Sample Letter to Parents" with this information).

Display a poster that lists the prizes near the ticket sales table to generatestudent interest.

Make arrangements for storing the prizes before and at the party. Work withthe coatroom committee members who will assign adult volunteers to guardseniors' valuables, including the prizes they win.

Consider wrapping the smaller prizes to add suspense.

Coordinate the prize drawing times or games that will require prizes with theentertainment committee so that activities will run smoothly.

Put a "from" tag on prizes so students will know who donated them. Someseniors will want to personally thank the donor.

Save many of the prizes for early morning hours when things begin to slowdown at the party. Save the biggest prizes until breakfast, and make the rulethat winners must be present.

Chaperone/Rules Committee

The duties of the chaperone/rules committee are to develop a list of rules;communicate the rules to students and parents through handouts, directmail, the student newspaper, and posters; find adults who will volunteer toserve as chaperones; make time and area assignments for chaperones; havechaperones available to walk seniors to their cars; check with the FireMarshall to see how many exits may be safely locked; furnish name tags forchaperones; set up a first aid station; request that the police patrol the areaon the night of the party; and make sure all chaperones know what to do incase of any emergencies.

The chaperone/rules committee is also responsible for providing an adultvolunteer to check band members for signs of drug or alcohol use, showthem where to set up, and stay in the area for security reasons until otherchaperones arrive.

Tips for Chaperone/Rules Committee

Here are some suggestions from chaperone/rules committees across thecountry:

  • To protect against party crashers, it will be helpful if the chaperones atthe door are teachers who know most of the students.
  • Some Project Grads have required students who attend to signchemical-free contracts. You might consider this option.
  • Consider asking chaperones to dress in costumes that complement theparty's theme.
  • You may want to have a volunteer to do "phone duty" in case there areany emergency phone calls from parents.
  • Consider inviting some parents of juniors to act as chaperones. Theymay find the experience helpful when planning next year's party.
  • Tell the adults who are serving as chaperones not to be any stricterthan necessary to carry out the rules. The whole purpose of the partyis safe fun for graduates.
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