Project Grad IdeasProject Grad Ideas
Project Grad Ideas
Project Grad Ideas
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Project Grad Ideas
Project Grad Ideas MANUAL
Project Grad Ideas   A How-To Manual

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Project Grad Timeline Form

Task/Activity Responsibility Resources Needed Date Completed
Review data from finalsurveyPresent results to seniorclassEstablish committees:Five students, one adultMusic, Food, Prizes,Place, Treasurer,Volunteers (parents,students) Mediacoverage, Photographer,Transportation
  • Fund Raising ActivityAnnounce money madeand needed
  • Advisor(s), students,parents, community Newsprint, markers, typist,copier, phone numbers,deadlinesAdequate supervisionAdequate helpMedia coveragePhotographer with blackand white film  
  • Meet with eachcommittee toascertain their needs,if any.
  • Final payment tofacility, band, caterers,photographer.
  • Confirm commitmentof volunteers for theparticipation.
  • Confirm photographerfor the participationand the parting.
  • Advisor(s)


    Advisor(s) and adultchairing volunteer com.

    Advisor(s) andchairperson ofphotography committee

    Money and amounts

    Names and phone numbers

    Names and phone numbers

    Final CommitteeMeetings
  • Confirm all jobscompleted
  • Jobs not completed tobe assigned
  • Assign jobs tovolunteers forparticipation
  • Advisor(s), allcommittees Job list for the night ofparticipation  
    III. ImplementingSetting up facility
  • Food tables
  • Tables
  • Chairs
  • Decorations
  • Facility contact personPeople from set-upcommittee Key to facilityTablecloths, napkins,plates, cups, decorations  
    Arrange for busesChaperones
  • Parents ofunderclassmen
  • Teachers
  • Members of localschool/communityteam
  • Community people
  • Schedule

    These people need toknow what time theirshifts are, what theirduties will be, and howthey should dress. Theyalso need to be clearabout delivering andmodeling a no-usemessage for theparticipants.

  • Set up chairperson tocontact transportationdirect, volunteercoordinator BusesNames and phone numbers




    Training of chaperones

  • No songs which glorifyuse
  • Play what studentswant
  • Entertainment chairperson
    Coordinates with facilitycontact person to letband in and set up
    List of appropriate bands  
    IV. Parting Ceremony
  • Facility
  • Time
  • Activity
  • Who attends
  • Advisor and senior classrepresentatives Facility  

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