Project Grad IdeasProject Grad Ideas
Project Grad Ideas
Project Grad Ideas
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Project Grad Ideas
Project Grad Ideas MANUAL
Project Grad Ideas   A How-To Manual

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Fundraising Ideas:
50/50 raffle
A-thons (bowl, rock, think,etc.)
Booth at county fair
Boxing night
Breakfast with Santa
Car raffle
Car smash
Celebrity basketball
Class-faculty competition
Dime-a-dip dinner
Ethnic dinner
Faculty vs. students
Family portraits
Friendly balloons
Hugging booth
Kissing booth
Light bulb sale
Mock wedding
People power hours
Pocket calendar sale
Pot luck dinner
Raffle from donations
Sell flowers
Space on the Sponge
Stuffed animals
Sundae sale
Surfing contest
Teacher auction
Turkey contest
Basketball shoot
Polaroid pics ofcelebrities and you (pluscard board models)
Weight lifting
Junk car raffle
Ms./Mr. America contest
Garage sale
Newspaper drive
Stick horse baseball
Hush day
Battle of the bands
Stuff a phone booth
Balloon cars
Newspaper space on front
page - buck a name
Chinese fortune cookies
(student fortunes)
Donut sales
Tennis sale
Dill pickles
Juice day
Cantaloupe day
Community work day
(rent a student)
Money jar voting
Band aid concession
Silent movie day
Halloween greasepaint on
little kids
Karate demonstration
Dance in the quad
Frisbee contest
Frisbee golf
Beard-growing contest
Exercise contest
Cartwheel contest
Sidewalk sale
Hat sale
Stadium pillows
Vending machines
Salad bar
Community products
Penny vote: king/queen
Private plane rides
Hot air balloon rides
Private car rides
Bring your own pillow
Drama in the round
Couple pageant
Parent pageant
Santa grams
Monogrammed frisbeesaleSquirt gun contest
Raffle at halftime
Fantasy Island wishcome-true Faculty baby picturecontestParents' prom
G-force Laser Tag
Hypnotist assemblyBake sale
Birthday cake sale
Unbirthday card delivery
Rent a parking space
Corny carnival
Haunted house
Fashion show
Leftover yearbook pics
Sandwich boards
Wheelchair basketball
Leg/arm contests
Monte Carlo night
Fun night cruise-a-thon
Gangster day
Faculty vs. radio staff
Newspaper staff vs.student council
Family night
Sports night
Stationery sale
Wreath sale
Citywide scavenger hunt
Sports entry fees
Participation fees
Donkey basketball
Coffee house
Dutch auction
Limo and driver raffle
Bonus activities books
Coupon event book
Coffee cups
Sell a parking space
(closer to school)Shave a faculty beard
Sell a room to decorate
Foot warmers
Book sale
Softball game
Student talent show
Dunk tank
Sell pies
Pizza night flea market
Night time feature film
Treasure hunt
Sell wishes
Rent wishes
Sell scarves
Giant coloring book
Sell magazine
Progressive dinnerLicense plates withlors/logos
school emblems/co
Cheese tasting party
Dinner dance marathon
Football seats
Elephant rides
Lunch box auction
Pie auction
Plant sale
Buy a kiss
Paint house numbers on
Shirt sale/clothes sale/
book sale
Malt shoppe
Free-throw contest
Family night/picnic
Strawberry crepes
Hot chocolate sale
Country band
Bluegrass/square dance
Bingo night
Kids game day
Board game day
Bluegrass picnic
Multi-cultural day
Hollywood shorties
basketball game
Bumper stickers
Voting for faculty team
Santa's mailbox
Customized stickers
Turkey race
Skiing movie at lunch
Surfing movie at lunch
Kingsley machine (goldstamping of anything)Car rally/bike rally/walking rally
Candy sale
Halloween sale
Dinner served tocommunity clubs
People scavenger hunt
Yearbook signing party
Wash-a-dog (carefully)
Homecoming carnival
Match game (datinggame)
Antique show
Art floor show (gym floor)
Button Booth
School bus wash
All-school barbecue
Recycling drive
Ice cream social
Turkey sale
Christmas trees
Circus day
Pie throw
Spring fair
Yearbook covers
Helium balloons
Friendship balloons
Senior show
Male beauty pageant
Mistletoe sale
Commercial bus wash
Ladder climb
Rope climb
Gong show
Class tee-shirts
Student directories
Highest bidder throws
pie/egg/water balloon
Yearbook graffiti
Frozen bananas
Faculty talent show
Stuff a Volkswagen
Community flea market
Letters to the world in
helium balloons
Radio commercials
Monster movie during
Hometown fair
Pro teams against varsity
Disco contest
Powder puff game
Pancake sale/waffle sale
Hot potato sale
Singing grams
Almost anything goes
World's largest monopolygame
Chess tournament
Graffiti page
Hollywood auction
Babysitting service
Las Vegan night
Candy guess (jelly beans)
Sprit flags
Bunny grams
Deeds to square inch
block of campus
Dance: charge by lengthofarm/legs/waist/height/hair, etc.
Health food
Over-forty dance
Pick fruit
Pizza kit
Popcorn kit
Raffle off marching band
Raffle dinners for two
Necktie day
All-night bowling
Hot lemonade
Shopping center clean-up
Telephone interviews for
large companies
Calendars for community
Multi-school computer

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