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Project Grad Ideas
Project Grad Ideas
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Project Grad Ideas
Project Grad Ideas MANUAL
Project Grad Ideas   A How-To Manual

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Dear Parents of Seniors:

Plans are underway for an exciting graduation night party for the seniors at_____________High School.
The studentshave worked hard, and they deserve ProjectGraduation - a celebration that is both fun and
safe. Project Grad is a traditionat many high schools across the country, and it's a tradition that we
would like tostart at __________High School. Basically, Project Grad is an all night,chemical-free
party that is organized by the seniors, with help from parents, schoolpersonnel, and business people in
the community. The party will be wellchaperoned. It is our hope that Project Grad will reduce the
chance of any ofour students being injured or killed in alcohol-related car accidents.

To make Project Grad the biggest and best party ever, we will need your help.Please fill out and
returnthe forms below to the school office.


My child ____________________________________has my permission to attend the ProjectGraduation
Party on June, 15, 20____.

Parents Signature                 Telephone Number for Verification

Yes ___ ( X ) I would like to help out with Project Grad. You can count on myassistance in the
following area:

(Please number from 1 to 10 in the order of your preference)

_____ Finance/fundraising _____ Prizes
_____ Entertainment _____ Tickets
_____ Food _____ Chaperones/rules
_____ Decorations _____ Coatroom
_____ Public relations _____ Clean-up



Day & Evening Telephone Numbers: ______________________________________________________


My business would like to donate a prize or cash to help make Project Grad asuccess.

Your name: _________________________________________________________________________

Organization's Name: ________________________________________________________________

Address: __________________________________________________________________________

Day & Evening Telephone Numbers: _____________________________________________________

Type of Prize or Amount of Donation: ____________________________________________________

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