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Project Grad Ideas
Project Grad Ideas
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Project Grad Ideas
Project Grad Ideas MANUAL
Project Grad Ideas   A How-To Manual

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Before considering possible settings, themes, and activities for your Project Grad ideas, it's a good idea to know when Project Grad willofficially begin and end so you will know how many hours you willneed to fill. Past planners have suggested that it is best to schedule as fewhours as possible between the end of graduation ceremonies and the party'sbeginning. And they have also emphasized the importance of the eventlasting all night.

Upon first learning about Project Grad many people have asked "Whyshould it last all night?" Graduation night is a time of high energy andbuoyant spirits. If Project Grad parties end while the seniors are still"ready to party," a few might be tempted to continue the celebration in waysthat are not safe, in spite of their pledges to remain chemical-free.

In addition to being chemical-free and lasting all night, the most successfulProject Grad celebrations provide intense natural stimulation on avariety of levels that makes the artificial stimulation of alcohol and drugspale by comparison. The fun associated with this "natural high" is a strongselling point when promoting Project Grad. For instance, Project Grad might start out with physical activities (a dance or athleticcontest), then move to sensory activities (a special dinner or a walk on the beach), or emotional activities (class will, or seniors taking turns telling whatthey will miss most about high school). The possible activities for Project Grad Ideas are endless, and it won't be hard to develop a winningcombination for your high school. Just remember when planning the night'sschedule that the name of the game is "sensory variety."

Each community has its own assets when it comes to choosing activities,and preferences seem to have some regional differences. So look at thespecial benefits that your area has to offer, and get lots of input from seniorclass members. Some settings, themes, and activities that have beensuccessful at other Project Grads across the country are listed here tohelp you get started with your own plans.

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