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Project Grad Ideas
Project Grad Ideas MANUAL
Project Grad Ideas   A How-To Manual

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Many planners for Project Grad have found it helpful to distribute a"Senior Survey," a selection list of possible activities to get input from theentire class. Seniors vote for the activities that appeal to them most. SeniorSurveys are explored more fully in the Entertainment Committee section, anda sample Senior Survey appears at the end of this booklet. Popular activitieshave included these:

Music: Live bands, DJ's, music videos

Dances: Dances and dance contests

Entertainers: Comedians, magicians, hypnotists, caricaturists, etc.

Class Histories: Slide shows, skits, and class willsFood: Progressive dinners, cookouts, buffets, snacks, breakfasts(perhaps pool-side at sunrise)

Games: Arcades, casinos, video games, pool, miniature golf, schooltrivia, scavenger hunts, team relays, bingo, eatingcontests, Jell-O wrestling, mashed potato fights, paint-ball,watching videos.

Athletics: G-force Laser Tag, Tennis, racquetball, volleyball, bowling, roller skating, pingpong, swimming, weight lifting, aerobic dancing, donkey, basketball

The Unusual: Tethered hot air balloon rides; creating a giant sundae orsubmarine sandwich; graffiti wall of butcher paper onwhich to record feelings; boat rides; talent shows; campouts.

Students' Selling Points. One big party will be much more fun and will offer awider variety of activities than smaller private parties.

This will probably be the last time that the entire class will be together. Itwill be a night to remember . . . and chemical-free seniors will be able toremember it.

Seniors will select the activities, food, and entertainment to assure that theparty will be great fun for their class. Seniors will be leaving a legacy of safecelebrations for undergraduates - a legacy that will probably save the lives offuture graduates.

Teachers' Selling Points. All seniors will have a party to attend ongraduation night. Some students will discover or rediscover what a greattime they can have without alcohol or drugs. A tradition of substance-freeparties will be established or reaffirmed in the school district.

An activity like Project Grad can enhance the school's communityrelations.

Parents' Selling Points. No one will have to risk injury or death due to drugrelatedcrashes. None of the seniors will have to deal with peer pressure todrink or ride with a drinking driver on their special night.

Cost will be minimal to students and parents. Parents can relax ongraduation night knowing seniors are safe and having fun.

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