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Project Grad Ideas
Project Grad Ideas
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Project Grad Ideas
Project Grad Ideas MANUAL
Project Grad Ideas   A How-To Manual

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No doubt about it - putting together a big, well-organized party requires agreat deal of time and effort from many people. Past planners have reportedthat it's essential to gain the support of the other students, parents, schoolpersonnel, police, and the community to make Project Grad the bestparty possible. Regardless of who has taken the lead in organizing Project Grad Ideas - students, parents, teachers, or other school personnel - manypeople are going to have to be "sold" on the idea.

Generating Interest From Other Students

A good place to introduce the concept of Project Grad to the rest ofthe seniors is at a class-wide meeting during school hours. And, while it isimportant that the students understand the rules prohibiting alcohol or otherdrug consumption before and during the party, the main emphasis should beon how spectacular the graduation celebration will be. Project Gradmay sound even more attractive to your classmates if it is described by thesenior class officers, who, hopefully, will have been active in the planningprocess from the very beginning.

It's important to let the other seniors know that letters will be sent to allparents explaining the party's rules and asking for their help so that studentswill feel that the organizers are being "up front" in all aspects of the planningprocess. The students need to understand that, while Project Grad isa party for and by seniors, it can be bigger and better with help from parentsand other adults. Also, adult volunteers will be crucial on the night of theparty to act as food servers, chaperones, etc., so that student planners maybe free to enjoy the festivities with the rest of the class.

As plans for Project Grad progress and specific details become known,keep the other seniors informed - either with written notices or publicaddress announcements at school. It is crucial that all the students feel likeProject Grad is their party.

Generating Interest from School Personnel

Involvement of school personnel is critical to the success of your Project Grad Ideas. It is wise to involve the principal early in the planning processand ask him/her about best ways to obtain school faculty and staff support.Ask for time on the faculty meeting agenda to present information on thereasons for, the benefits of, and the current status of Project Grad.Ask for their help. Perhaps some would be willing to be advisors or membersof the committees needed, or serve as chaperones at the event. They mayalso help by promoting the party through articles in the school newspaper,announcements over the school's public address system, posters, ticketsales, and letter-writing.

Generating Interest from Parents

Parent support is also necessary for the success of Project Grad.Since some parents may plan family parties on graduation day or night, themore notice they have of the need to schedule carefully, the better.Experience has shown that the easiest way to contact parents is by directmail. The initial letter to parents should be co-signed by the Project Grad Chair(s) and the school Principal. It should outline some of thereasons and rules for Project Grad, and should stress the positiveaspects of the party. It might include three forms for parents to return to theschool - (a) a consent form that will allow the student to participate, (b) avolunteer form which identifies the general area in which the parent wouldlike to help, and (c) a donation form indicating what the contribution will befor those who wish to donate. Samples are found at the back of this booklet.

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