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Project Grad Ideas
Project Grad Ideas MANUAL
Project Grad Ideas   A How-To Manual

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Committee volunteers are like a team that must play harmoniously to makeProject Grad a success. In addition to students, committees mayinclude parents, school personnel, merchants, media representatives andany others who are interested in assuring that graduation night is bothexciting and safe.

Organizing the committees is a big job. Each committee member must seehimself as a member of a team, and not in competition with members of other committees. This is especially important when committees arecontacting local businesses for donations of goods, services, or money inorder that each be contacted by the best person for the job, once, in themost effective way.

The Project Grad Chairperson must stay in regular contact with thecommittee leaders, and should attend the more important meetings of thecommittees. He or she should hold occasional meetings of the committeeleaders to enhance communication and allow committee leaders to take anoverview of the entire effort back to their committees.

Another important function of the Chairperson is to arrange for insurancecoverage. It may be possible for Project Grad to be covered under thepolicies of the Booster Club, PTA, or school. If coverage is to be arrangedthrough a club, it may be necessary for all committee members to join theclub to be eligible.

It is helpful for the Project Grad Chairperson to keep a journal or otherrecords of activities during the planning of the event to pass on to thechairperson for the upcoming year. A calendar noting the dates of majoractivities and meetings proves helpful. The chairperson should ask theleaders of the committees to keep similar journals to pass on.

Finance/Fundraising Committee

The duties of the finance/fundraising committee are to solicit funds andservices for Project Grad, keep exact records of donations andexpenses, and organize any fundraising projects.

When soliciting funds, you might find it helpful to send letters to larger localbusinesses and civic groups and follow-up with personal visits or phonecalls. For smaller businesses and private homes, teams of two committeemembers could solicit door-to-door. Volunteers who have done this in thepast recommend taking copies of a flyer that describe Project Grad,and including a phone number and address, to leave with those who wanttime to consider their contribution.

Regardless of how the fundraising/ finance committee chooses to contactcontributors, it is crucial that the Project Grad chairperson know which groups have been contacted so that the same people are notapproached by other committees.

One person needs to be in charge of keeping exact records of donations andexpenses. The committee leader of the finance/fundraising committee mayserve in this capacity or appoint another member to be treasurer. TheProject Grad treasurer will be responsible for opening a bank accountfor the party, writing checks, and keeping a detailed record of availablefunds and expenditures.

There is an endless number of fundraising activities that may be organizedby the finance/fundraising committee. A list of fundraising activities may befound starting on page 31.

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